Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar

Postal Address:

HOD, Dept. of CS & E, D Block, AIT Campus, AIT, Jyothinagara, Chikkamagluru 577 102



Journals & Conferences

1. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, “Survey: Multi-relational Telecom Social Networks for Churn Prediction”, IFRSA International Journal of Data warehousing and Mining (IIJDWM), Volume 1, Issue 2,  p171-p175, November 2011
2. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, “An Efficient Method of Building the Telecom Social Network for Churn Prediction”, International Journal of Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process (IJDKP) Vol.2, No.3, p31-p39, DOI: 10.5121/ijdkp.2012.2304, May 2012.
3. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, “Social Network Analysis for Churn Prediction in Telecom Data”, International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology (IJCCT) ISSN (PRINT): 0975 – 7449, Volume-3, Issue-6, 7, 8, p128-p135, 2012.
4. Pushpa, Sneha N S, “Clustering and Noise Detection for Geographic Knowledge Discovery”, International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, July, 2014. (IJAET),Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp. 845-855.
5. Pushpa, Anil D Y, ”Image Fusion Scheme for 2D Images Based On Wavelet Transform Domain”, International Journal of Combined Research & Development (IJCRD) eISSN:2321-225X;pISSN:2321-2241 Volume: 2; Issue: 4; April-2014
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10. Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar, Priyanka N,” Ductal Carcinoma in Situ of the Breast – Diagnosis using Data Mining Technique” International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Volume. 5 – Issue. 09 , September-2016,e-ISSN: 2278-0181, DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV5IS090422
1. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, “Sociocentric and Egocentric Measures for Identifying the Key Players in Telecom Social Network”, IEEE International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing, Communication and Nanotechnology (ICE-CCN),  Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India, 25-26 March 2013, pp.346-352, published in IEEE Explore.
2. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, “Social Network Classifier for Churn Prediction in Telecom Data”, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Systems (ICACCS) and won the best paper presentation award, Coimbatore, India, 19-21 December 2013. Published in IEEE Explore.
3. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, ”Egocentric Network Analysis to Score the Telecom Customers”, IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research (ICCIC) and won the best paper award, Madurai, India. 26-28 December 2013, pp.471-476. published in IEEE Explore.
4. Pushpa, Dr. Shobha G, ”Centrality Measures for Predicting Churn in Telecom Social Networks”, International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technologies (ICACSIT), December 2nd 2012, Pune, India.
5. Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar, Santosh Patil, “Bstream technique for word count using Map Reduce approach” at the International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (i3CN-2015) held at CIT Kodagu, Karnataka on 8th May, 2015.
6. Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar, Chethan G Naik, ”Centrality Measures for Finding Key Players In Banking Society Network”, at First International Conference On Computer Communication And Networks (i3CN-2015)”, held at Coorg Institute of Technology, Karnataka on 8th May, 2015
7. Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar, Varun E, “Community Mining In Multirelational and Heterogeneous Telecom Network “,at 6th IEEE International Conference On Advance Computing Conference (IACC-2016), at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Andra Pradesh, India on 27-28, February, 2016. Published in IEEE Explore.
8. Dr. Pushpa Ravikumar, Varun E, “Telecommunication Community Detection by Decomposing Network into n-Cliques”  “, at  IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technological Trends (ICETT-2016), Baselios Mathew II College of Engineering,Kollam, Kerala, on the 21st & 22nd of October 2016. Published in IEEE Explore.

About Pushpa Ravikumar

Qualification Board/University Institute/Place Where Studied Year of Passing
Ph.D Visvesvaraya Technological University R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore 2014
M.Tech Visvesvaraya Technological University R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore 2007
B.E Kuvempu University AIT, Chickmagalur 1998
Position From To Work Place
Professor & HOD 01-06-2013 Till Date A.I.T, Chikkamagaluru
Associate Professor 01-02-2008 31-05-2013 A.I.T, Chikkamagaluru
Assistant Professor 17-07-2000 30-01-2008 A.I.T, Chikkamagaluru
Research Experience 01-11-2010 30-05-2013 R.V College of Engineering,

Bengaluru (As a Research Scholar)

Subjects Teaching at Under Graduate Level
Compiler Design , Database Management Systems, Client/Server, Data Structures Computer Concepts and C Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Organization, Advanced Computer Architectures, Operations Research
Subjects Teaching at Post Graduate Level
Advanced DBMS, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence
Technical Interest
Computational Intelligence, Computer Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Soft Computing, Data Mining, Information Theory, Cloud Computing.