Dear Alumni,

We would like to inform you that this year AIT Alumni meet will be held on Second Sunday of December (10th December Sunday 2017), 9.00 a.m at AIT Campus, Chikkamagalru. Please be a part of this occasion and do convey this information to all the alumni whom you are in contact with and consider it as a Formal Invitation and pleasant reminder.

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Dr. G . M. Satyanarayana, Secretary, AIT Alumni Association. Contact#: +919449801900. Email: |

Dr. C. K. Subbaraya, Principal, President, AIT Alumni Association. Phone No. : 08262- 220444,Fax : 08262 – 220063. Email- ID: Principal Mobile No :+ 91 94484 80343

Welcome to the AIT Alumni Club at Chikkamagaluru

The story began years ago, when the thought of setting up a social club for AITians was first mooted by a group of alumni. Over the years, several attempts were made to get the proposal off the ground, but none led to any concrete action being taken.But from past 2-3 years a core group of AITians from different palce of the world came together. And the first flyer inviting membership is sending to all AITians from this site.

Imagine a place where you can relax after a hard day. Where you can meet up with friends, batch-mates and alumni. In the most exclusive yet informal club setting. Simply inviting you to chill out to this AITian’s Alumni Club.

2016 Alumni Meet

As the gone days fades and further in to the rear view mirror, there’s often a sense of nostalgia about the “good old days.”

Graduation was over, and some of your “best friends forever” have gone on to bigger and better things.Some of them have been placed on jobs, some might be busy with their P.G programs. Others have gotten married and lost touch with the gang that they say they would never be apart.

Thus here is an effort to reunite alumni to meet under one roof and cherish some unforgettable memories.

We look at our current batch by working for their upliftment through various Academic, social and community connect activities designed for their overall development .


Dr. C. K. Subbaraya

Principal AIT, President, AIT Alumni Association
Phone: + 91 94484 80343

Mr. G. M. Satyanarayana

Secretary, AIT Alumni Association,
Phone: +91 94498 01900

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